Fresh pasta
every day

Ravioli & tagliatelle - Photo by Susanna Corniani

Time, dedication and craft. Always.

From the smallest batch to the biggest, we give every piece of our pasta the time and attention it needs to make sure every detail is just right.

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Fresh pappardelle - Photo by Simone Ghilardotti
Beetroot ravioli - Photo by Simone Ghilardotti

We work closely with restaurants and delis to create exactly the right styles and fillings to suit their menus.

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Seasonal ingredients, from local markets.

Every weekend, you'll find us at local markets in London, selling our pasta and hand-picking our vegetables, cheeses and meats.

That keeps local producers happy, and our customers happy. So we're happy too.

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Fresh mushrooms - Photo by Simone Ghilardotti
Fresh spaghetti alla chitarra - Photo by Simone Ghilardotti

Natural, nutritious food, ready in five minutes.

Wholemeal pasta is a great source of nutrition. It’s easily digestible, releases energy slowly and there are no fats, so it’s great for low-calorie diets.

A simple, delicious meal that's good for the whole family – ready in under five minutes.

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Spaghetti alla chitarra - Photo by Simone Ghilardotti
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