London loves fresh
pasta. And we've been
supplying it since 2012.

You'll find our pasta in selected London grocers and weekly markets. Or, get it directly from our online shop - we offer delivery and pick up service every week!

Local Shops & Markets
Fresh pasta - Photo by Simone Ghilardotti

Even our wholesale is tailor-made.

We provide fresh, seasonal pasta for delis, restaurants and food companies who love good food as much as we do.

Fresh pasta on the shelves - Photo by Simone Ghilardotti

Working alongside individual chefs and owners, we carefully tailor every recipe to their own menus or shelves.

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Workshops & Events.

We love having people over. We're Italian, what can we say? So please join us for one of our workshops or supper clubs. We'd love to see you.

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Pasta workshops @ Unit 10 - Photo by Cello

Mansi was launched in the summer of 2012 by Emanuela Mansi – a chef's daughter who also designs jewellery.

Emanuela Mansi, founder of Mansi - Photo by Simone Ghilardotti

Emanuela grew up in a classic Italian family-owned restaurant, where daily life revolved around the rituals of food.

At the kitchen table, she learned the joy of cooking from scratch – paying attention to every detail, and sharing delicious meals with those you love.

Inspired by that kitchen table, Mansi is a place where everyone can gather, to enjoy wonderful food and the warmth of family and friendship.

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